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Hello wild Internetuser and welcome to my main blog.
To be honest this blog is a huge mess. A mess which includes german youtuber + Danisnotonfire, american horror story, some music stuff, some dark/bloody/horror stuff, some the legend of zelda stuff, and some humour.
I hope you'll enjoy your stay :D

Ja, mein Blog hat eine Askbox. Für Fragen müsst ihr nur /ask hinter meinen URL setzen ^^

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Nature is awesome ;)


    Nature is awesome ;)

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  10. feel free to unfollow if you:


    • don’t like me
    • liked me at one point, but don’t like me anymore
    • hate what i post
    • hate what i have to say about xyz topic
    • find me annoying
    • don’t have anything in common with me anymore, and are bored by the things i post
    • feel obligated by whatever personal reason you may have to keep following me, even if literally any of those above things apply

    this applies to mutuals as well. your dash should be your happy place, so no hard feelings and i wish you the best in life

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Im Unterricht…


    Im Unterricht…

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  14. Frodo: Wat is’ mit dir eigentlich kaputt?

    Rick: Du bist so kuschlig.

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  18. izzjamin:

    Mein erstes Click and Drag Game!

    Ich hoffe es gefällt euch, einfach auf das Gif klicken, gedrückt halten und zur Seite ziehen um zu sehen wer es ist :) schreibt ruhig eure Ergenisse hier drunter :D

    Ich wollte erst noch mehr ‘Eigenschaften’ hinzufügen aber Tumblr lässt mich nicht :D 

    Viel Spaß dabei! 

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  21. "The writer’s job is to get the main character up a tree, and then once they are up there, throw rocks at them."

    - Vladimir Nabokov (via maxkirin)
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[  E R R O R  ]
    [  E R R O R  ]
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